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Who is Pretuabo?

"Pretuabo" says:

SumThing Nice 2 Bleave
Spouting DOGMA
Lets ME realize aye AMGOD
Horus spake "aye, an Eye For an I"
Osiris worshipped his DOG
and walked his GOD
Reality is that witch remains when we decide to know longer Bleave it.
Yes, someone did take pity on us. In your judeo-xtian mythology, that/those people are called fallen angles. They looked at humans as sentient beings, capable of sustaining themselves, and comprehending the knowledge that YHVH would have had hidden. In sumerian Mythologies the one known as Enki was our creator, but Enlil was his counterpart, sent with him by Anu to milk this planet of it's resuorces, Humans were created(according to sumerian myth) By Enki, as a slave race to mine resources when the Annunaki rebelled against Anu..Some believe that Enki and Enlil are represented in Judeo-xtian mythology as Lucifer and YHVH. Enki was the judeo serpent in sumerian myth. The savior of Gilgamesh(sumerian noah). Enki has always strivin to make humans evolve. Enlil left us to die in the deluge.
Enlil wrote the torah and conspired to instill theistic super-natural ideals into the societies of man. Enki was banished. Some, like myself, believe he ended up in central america and founded the mayan civilization in the yucatan penninsula.
He left the knowledge of lunar,solar and planetary cycles..not coded, not enshrouded in the "mystery of the church" Enlil left you and yours Ghost stories and superstisions.

Who would you rather greet?

YHVH= Enlil
Lucifer= Enki
both were emmisaries of Anu. One was the "soldier" doing his job.
The other took pity on humans and attempted to help him.
The bible is coded. The Mayan codexes/lid of palenque is not.
The bible prophesises another exodus to Isreal (axum's pretty close
when you consider the scope of an alien WMD)
The judeo-xtian mythologies diefy YHVW,and make Enki into the
epitomy of evil.
Now, ask yourself this. What religion has been resposible for
destroying more educational texts, or of standing directly in the
way of scientific progress?





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