Jean Marie Lustiger - Cardinal

Coded in Numbers (skip length 1477)

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Colour in matrix
black spots
Jean black hourglasses
Marie black diamonds
cardinal mauve diamonds
1926 (birth year) green diamonds
biblical blue hourglasses
beast blue diamonds
666 red diamonds

anti outline hourglasses
Christ outline diamonds
29 Av (27/Aug/03) light green diamonds
Vatican mauve hourglasses
freemason light blue diamonds
freemasonry light blue spots

This code was found using Bible Codes 2000 software and displayed using Torah4u software.

This code has many features that you would not expect to occur by chance. The most surprising is that the 3 letter word for "anti" occurs only once in the matrix and it shares 1 letter with "Jean" and another letter with "Lustiger". The same line of text also contains a very unusually large number of occurrences of "666".
It is also surprising to find "Biblical" and "Beast" crossing his name.

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