The meaning of the flag.

Code by Lyuben Piperov (found 15/April/2009)

The Man, The Man

Read Lyuben's comments about this code, and how he came to find it, in his article Sealed Harmony: The Importance of Symmetry in the Search for new Codes.

Abstract: A more versatile statistic processing has been applied for evaluation of the importance of symmetry. Although carried out with a short, otherwise insignificant term, intriguing results have been obtained. The method appeared to be very useful for comparative studies. In the course of the research, new codes emerged, unifying the oldest archetypes of the Anointed One with one of the most characteristic representations of the coming Messiah set in the New Testament parables. Specific importance of parameters in addition to the R-Factors has been found in Bible code matrices.

More by Lyuben Piperov here.






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