Dagon - Nommo from Sirius

Coded into Numbers and Deuteronomy (skip length 9068)

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Colour in matrix
Sirius yellow squares
triple black outline circles

star / planet / orb black spots

white black outline squares
dwarf black outline hourglasses (the white dwarf star that orbits Sirius "A" was only discovered last century but was already known to the African Dogon tribe - who also knew it has a 50 year orbital period)
Emme Ya purple hourglasses (Dogon tribe name for the 3rd star of the system)

Nommo blue squares (Dogon tribe name for their alien visitors)

musari red spots (Babylonian title for their beloved first King and "fish-god" called Oannes - "musari" means abomination)

Dagon / alien red squares (Dagon is the fish-god of the Philistines and "alien" written backwards in Hebrew)
monitorial light green hourglasses (Dogon tribe say the Nommo were monitors)

mission grey squares
brown / warm brown spots
inhabitant / inhabited green spots
aquatic pale blue spots

marine pale blue hourglasses

animal dark blue diamonds
anthropoid light green diamonds
paternal olive green spots

sage, clever yellow spots
angelic mauve diamonds

angel mauve spots
creator yellow hourglasses

Noah black hourglasses

ark black squares

space brown hourglasses

moon black diamonds
space ship purple spots
Saturn red hourglasses
Phoebe red diamonds

hollow grey hourglasses

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If you want to know what all this is about it is worth reading "The Sirius Mystery" by Robert Temple - just out in a new edition. There is also a great deal of detail on the Noah Page of the Vulcan website - and I have added a brief explanation below.
See also this website: The Dogon and the Nommo

Dogon Nommo figure.


Looks like a rocket.

Phoebe http://www.seds.org/nineplanets/nineplanets/phoebe.html

Busts of strange creatures found near a river in the middle-east.

7,000 year old Dogu statue from Japan

7,000 year old Dogu statues from Japan

7,000 year old figures from Sumeria (Iraq)

7,000 year old figures from Sumeria (Iraq)

South America

4,000 year old relief picture of the goddess Ishtar from her temple in Sumer (Iraq). Ishtar was one of the nephilim.

Hopi rock paintings


Originating from the famous cliff regions of Mali, West Africa, just south of Timbuktu, the Dogon tribe have an unusual religion and secret oral tradition.
French anthropologists Griaule and Dieterlen worked with the Dogon in the 1930s and after a number of years they gained their trust enough to be allowed to know the secret things.
The Dogon said the star Sirius was orbited by the "smallest and heaviest of all stars" and they would draw a diagram of an elliptical orbit and said the period was 50 years. The anthropologists commented in their papers that this knowledge was surprising.
It is more than surprising - Sirius is orbited by a white dwarf and it is so invisible that the first image of it was only obtained in 1970.
It was first detected over 100 years ago because it's orbit causes Sirius to appear to wobble; and the mystery of what kind of object was causing that wobble was only explained relatively recently.
The orbiting object is what is called a "white dwarf" and is the collapsed core of a dead star and it is in a 50 year elliptical orbit. It is more massive than our Sun but is very small - gravity has collapsed it to just a few thousand miles in diameter - it is collapsed to an extent where 2,000 tons of material are crushed into 1 cubic foot.
Sirius A is very bright and totally outshines Sirius B (10,000x) but because the Sirius sysytem is quite close, one of our nearest neighbors at 8.7 light-years, it is possible to detect the wobble caused by the heavy orbiting object using good instruments. The Dogon say there is also a 3rd star in the system called "Emme Ya" - and this was recently discovered (in 1995) and is now called Sirius C.
The Dogon also knew that the movement of the stars in the sky was due to the rotation of the Earth, that the planets orbit the Sun, that Jupiter has moons, that Saturn has rings, and they call the Milky Way "the world of spiraling stars".
The Dogon don't say their knowledge was due to better instruments but due to events in the distant past. They say a new star appeared in the sky that could change it's size. A fiery, roaring, ship then came down which manufactured a pond for the occupants of the ship to use. These creatures could speak the local language and were friendly. They were called "Nommo" meaning "the monitors" and their home planet was in the Sirius system orbiting Emme Ya. The Nommo stayed on Earth for some time teaching.
They are described as having arms and legs but also a fish tail, that they breathed through 2 holes in their back, had a slimy skin, and pointed teeth.
The Dogon call Saturn the "star of limiting the place" and say that when the Nommo left they became the "star of the 10th moon" - Phoebe is the 10th moon of Saturn and although little is known about it, what is known about it is quite odd. It is about 200 Km in diameter and has an orbit that is unlike the other moons of Saturn. It is much further out, goes round the other way and at a much different angle. It is black as soot and appears to be made of rock - but if it was made of rock it would be about 5 times heavier than it actually is. It is also much more spherical than you would expect for an object with almost no gravity. The only picture I can find of Phoebe shows a round object that looks like a pollen grain under a microscope (see above).
Dagon was the fish-god of the Philistines. Under different names he was also founder of the Sumarian, Babylonian, and Chinese civilizations.
It was recorded by the ancient Greeks that the Babylonian civilization had been founded long before the great flood by amphibious beings called Oannes, Musari, or Annedoti. The latter 2 names mean "abominations" and "repulsive ones". Despite the names these rulers were greatly loved and credited with providing us with all knowledge and learning and the founding of civilizations.

The monitorial duties of the Nommo may have included helping to save Noah by providing him with his Ark. The book of Enoch says the ark was built by the Angels or "watchers". It seems possible that the Watchers are humans trained by the Nommo to take over their monitoring. Some of these Watchers "fell to earth" (nephilim in the Bible) and became the gods of the olden times - best known to us from the Greek legends and the Indian vedas.



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