The meaning of the flag.

Code by Juan and Andy

Poleshift in 2010


My original matrix - coded from Genesis 45 to Exodus 10 (skip length 1260)

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Colour in matrix
Poleshift red squares
shift red squares
tilt red hourglasses
2014 - actually a part of "2010 a misery..." (see above) light blue squares
ten blue squares
degree blue spots

axial / pivotal green hourglasses
fluctuation / movement green squares
core grey hourglasses

mantle grey squares

alignment light green spots

rare / infrequent black diamonds

gigantic / vast yellow squares
stony orange hourglasses

object orange spots

nothingness / non-existance black squares

Bible pink squares
code pink hourglasses
true / authentic / genuine pink spots
word of God red circles outline

This code was found using Bible Codes 2000 software and displayed using Torah4u software. Much of this matrix was originally found by James Roney of the Bible Code Group.

The code about the 2012 comet impact (a large stony object) includes "axis" and "tilting" - so I suspect that this pole-shift is an after-effect of that impact. The code suggests that, probably as a result of this impact, a re-alignment occurs between the Earth's core and the mantle.






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