Code by Al Sutton and A.Miller

9 Av 766 (3rd August 2006)

This matrix appears to have odds of one in approximately against chance and seems to agree well with the Jerusalem War matrix.

A vision received on October 13, 02, and recorded by Haniel.

I was taken away in an instant to a different place. I was sitting on a hill under a tree with curved branches and grey green leaves looking up at the sky through the branches. This hill is above a city. There was a man wearing a white robe. His hair was white and his face was kind. He motioned for me to come to where he was standing. I got up and walked toward him. He pointed at the city below this hill.
The city had a wall around it. There were many buildings. I could see several buildings that looked like churches. I assume this because of the domes painted different colors that were atop the buildings. One was very large and was painted gold. This stood among the others and among other buildings in this city. I looked at the man next to me. We did not speak at all. He motioned for me to look again at the city. When I looked again, I saw explosions in the heart of the city. I looked again to the man standing with me on this hill. He reached out to my right hand and took it in his and in an instant we were in a city on a poorly paved street. I assume that it was the city that we were looking at. The architecture is the same though I could not see the great gold dome that I had seen from above. The buildings were right up to the street. They were mostly stone or brick buildings. The street was darkened by the shadows of the buildings and smoke in the sky.
I saw a woman run past us. She had a look of fear in her eyes. She was running from something or someone. The street was quiet except for gunshots and explosions to be heard in the distance. We passed by open air markets on the street where it should have been very busy in the afternoon. Where were all of the people? I looked again to this man who was with me. I did not need to speak. Words were not necessary. He took my right hand in his and we were no longer walking on this street. We were on a different, more modern street closer to the explosions and gunfire.
Three men dressed in green carrying guns ran pass us. There was a burning car to my left. It looked like it must have been the target of an explosion. To my right, there were men that lay dead. We walked down this street and passed several buildings. In an alley to my left I saw a terrible thing. There were soldiers raping a woman. I ran to stop it but I could do nothing. I looked out at the man that was my guide. I wanted him to do something because I did not have physical power to do anything. I knew that this wasn't really happening, not yet anyway. I started to walk back to the man standing in the light at the end of this alley. I turned again to look at what was happening. I was disgusted by this terrible thing. War is one thing but harming the innocent is completely different.
We walked on through the city. This was a common scene; men dead, women being raped and killed even as their children looked on. The city was taken, held for ransom by an evil people. I looked at this man who was next to me. I closed my eyes. I did not wish to see any more of this. He took my hand in his and we were once again on the hill overlooking this city. I knelt to pray under the same tree that I had been sitting under before. I wanted to pray for the people of this city. As I prayed, the man put his hand on my shoulder. I felt at peace when he put his hand on me. I am not to worry about this. I am just to see it and document what I have seen. today.




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