Extinction in 2012

I went looking for confirmation that your (Andyís) published code on a possible cosmic impact with an extremely large body (60 miles diameter?) in 2012 could be corroborated with other codes.† Using Code Finder Millennium Edition, I found 33 candidate matrices that include 5 or more of the 7-search terms (extinction, Caph Yod Bet Vav Yod; extinction, Heh Shin Tav Daleth, Heh; extinction, Heh Caph Chet Daleth Heh; 5772, Heh Tav Shin Ayin Bet; Comet, Shin Bet Yod Tet; Word of God, Daleth Bet Resh Yod Heh Vav Heh; and asteroid, Caph Vav Caph Bet Yod Tav), or about 6% of the 589 terms found when I search on in 5772 (Bet Heh Tav Shin Ayin Bet).†

The odds on any one of these matrices appears to be on the order of one in a million, and to get 33 of them might lead someone to think that an important message was embedded.†† The probability estimate is driven by the relative rarity of 5, 6, and 7-character words, and the fact the multiples of these words are found in the same frame.††
Figure one
was created using Bible Codes 2001 and is a good sample of the 33, with only one other (at skip 301) at a lower skip level.† Let us all pray that itís not the extinction of the human species that we might find encoded here.

To actually study the effects of an impactor of large diameter you might check out the web pages at
http://janus.astro.umd.edu/astro/impact/ or http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/impacteffects/

Figure 1:† In 5722 (AD 2012)

In 5772 (2012) Central term† (circles) at skip 307

5772, Ď772 (2012) (squares)

Asteroid (rounded squares)

Comet (hexagons)

Extinction (diamonds)

Extinction (trapezoids)

Word of God (squares at skip=1)



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