The meaning of the flag.

Code by Fab (24/March/2009)

Here I am! Melchizedek.

Initially found by Jim Wright, about Melchizedek, the lowest skip occurance in the Tanakh.

Personally, I was able to find the following exensions (in red):  

-Main term: "here I am! Melchizedek"  

-"Ariel is in Me a power/strength"  

-"Understanding of the guard of my spirit"  

I also found this additional term:   -"A well is YHVH"  

If you want to verify these codes, you will need to use the Keys to the Bible, or Bible Codes 2001 one can get from here:,, as it didn't show up at all in the version of the Tanakh that CodeFinder and ABD Pro use.






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