An investigation into future dates found coded with natural disasters in Bible codes.

The codes and dates being considered in this page are listed in a file here and also displayed in table format here.

The Problem

The situation with the Bible codes is still evolving. They were first found using computers in the 1990s and the work is still ongoing. At that time I had already come to the conclusion that the 'End Days' were likely to begin around 2006, based on hints in the Biblical prophecies and other sources such as the Mayan calendar.

When I first read Michael Drosnin's book on the Bible codes I found it was exactly confirming my own researches with codes predicting impacts from space in 2006, 2010 and 2012. In the time since my website first went online many more codes have been found and I have been looking for codes that further confirm my original conclusions.

Last year I started doing my own searches as well as collecting other peoples. The Bible Codes 2000 software will do an automatic search for year dates up to 2150 occurring in a matrix. In any matrix you find a chance occurrences, and certain years turn up often because they are written with the most common letters. On finding a new code I would normally search for the years I was interested in and disregard the rest.

A recently found coding of "tsunami" made me reconsider this approach to dates. There is a very nonrandom looking collection of dates, dates that are not commonly found, arranged next to "tsunami". There are 5 dates between 2014 and 2085 that stand out in particular; all written with 5 letters and all horizontal with short skips and grouped together. In the table of data these are the years marked with a blue background. The years marked yellow are also dates occurring in that matrix - but these are scattered all around at various angles and more likely to be chance - but there could still be tsunami in any of those years.

Tsunami can be caused by a number of factors. Impacts into the sea, giant land slips, earthquakes and pole shifts are all possible causes so I thought it would be well worth reviewing the codes on these subjects for the tsunami dates. In Revelation 8:8 something like a "large mountain burning with fire" is thrown into the sea - and that would certainly cause some giant tsunami.

I was helped in this analysis by Barry Warmkessel, from the VULCAN, COMETS AND THE IMPENDING CATASTROPHE website, who is also predicting that impacts from space are likely soon. The initial searches didn't turn up anything like a clear picture so we decided to look at a comparison between some matrices chosen at random and those with natural disasters coded into them.

The Data

The random matrices were mostly name searches that had proved inconclusive or spelled wrongly. Dates labeled" Most Significant" in the list are those that have similar qualities to the blue-marked tsunami dates. A subjective judgment on my part.

In the table of data I have combined the results from the 10 random controls into one column (titled "probability score") and entered a score out of a possible 10 against each year.

The columns titled "incoming" are 4 out of the 8 codes found saying "incoming asteroid". Statistically, you would only expect to find 3 of these - but there are 8. I looked at all of them in detail but only 4 looked, to me, like they are codings for actual events - these are the 4 that I used in the table.

There are 3 codings of "great earthquake" and I have combined those into a single column.

Some Conclusions

I added some coments in a column in the table, the ones marked in bolder text are the dates that we might need to worry about. It can be seen that the years marked in yellow are commonly found in codes by chance. That doesn't mean they are definitely safe but it does mean that if the codes are designed to warn us they would have to be done in a way that really stands out like a beacon if it was a warning about one of those years. The year 2110 is an exception in that it was not very common in the random group but was common in the disasters group. The same is true, to a lesser extent, with some of the other years.

The main danger period seems to be 2010 - 2110, there is a distinct drop-off after 2110. A whole century of troubles is bad news and there is evidence that past impacts have come in swarms that lasted for some time.

There are several possibilities:
It could be that the end times are towards the end of the century and not the beginning.
The later dates are valid but the nearer dates are the worst events - if most people die as a result of the first impacts the later ones will cause few deaths.
All the dates might be wrong and only there by random chance.

On the basis of the data available, the times to worry most are: 2010-2012, 2015-2016, 2044-2045 and 2110. The years 2053, 2065, 2071, and 2085 feature in codes of "great earthquake" and/or "tsunami".




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